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Leopold from Creme de la Coulee
"Another one I enjoy a lot that's quite different is from Creme de la Coulee. Its cheese is softer and creamier—closer to a French Brie, but nevertheless full of flavor. Ideal on a fresh baguette, with a glass of Bordeaux. I could go on like this forever; maybe another time!
By Andrew Parks, Updated August 16, 2018
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WORT 89.9 FM, Community Radio, Madison, WIPhoto credit: Preamptip Satasuk
I saw a lot of organic cheeses at the fest. I could even taste the grass flavor from the cheese! Cheeses from Crème de la Coulée Artisan Cheese are very good and made with milk from one particular farm.
Preamptip Satasuk, January 2013
edible Madison
Another nomad cheesemaker frequenting farmers markets is Bill Anderson, of Crème de la Coulee Artisan Cheese. Anderson is working to take Old World inspiration to another level, renting space at established cheese factories to make new, original cheeses.
by Jeanne Carpenter, September 19, 2014
Wisconsin State Journal
Bill Anderson's Creme de la Coulee company is based in Madison and specializes in making and aging French-style cheeses. He's shown here with (from left) Coulee Camembert, Saint Jenifer and Arista.
Jane Burns, Sep 4, 2014
Willy Street Co-op
The mission of Crème de la Coulee is a perfect example of “simple, not easy”: To propagate the concept of terroir, the traditional French word which expresses the effect of climate and place on the flavors of food, in a Wisconsin context.
by Josh Perkins– Prepared Foods Director, June 2014
The Cap Time
Bill Anderson's Pastureland Alpine Select, made under his Creme de la Coulee cheese company, will be available through Square Harvest and at several farmers' markets starting May 23.
Lindsay Christians, May 12th, 2015
The Isthmus
The new cheesemaker also offers a CSA
By Linda Falkenstein, Dec. 2012
Madame Fromage Logo Madame Fromage
Creme de la Coulee is new for me (cheesemaker Bill Anderson interned with Willi Lehner of Bleu Mont) and I am excited about his commitment to stink
By Tenaya Darlington, Summer 2015
WORT 89.9 FM, Community Radio, Madison, WI
Farmers’ Market Reporter André Darlington talks to Crème de la Coulée cheese maker Bill Anderson. Darlington asks Anderson about his soft-ripened cheese.
André Darlington, March 10, 2016
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Fromagination has worked with cheesemakers to introduce new creations, such as one of its recent collaborations with four Wisconsin cheesemakers. Willi Lehner of Bleu Mont Dairy, Chris Roelli of Roelli Cheese Haus, Bob Wills of Cedar Grove Cheese Co. and newcomer Bill Anderson (a former cheesemonger at Fromagination) of Crème de la Coulée Artisan Cheese Co. recently partnered to create a new American original Alpinestyle cheese, “Willi,” which debuted and placed second in its class at the 2013 American Cheese Society Competition that was held last summer in Madison.
By Rena Archwamety, May 16th, 2014
As the Founder of teraswhey and a former senior executive of a WI cheese company, I fully support Bill Anderson's application for this accelerator program. Bill brings a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge of french style cheesemaking to our state, something that is actually quite unique and needed in a state that is still dominated by cheddar and cheddar-style cheese production. He has already built a successful small boutique direct marketed cheese business and is ready to take his business to the next level. This accelerator would be a terrific opportunity for him to take this step in building his business.
Tera Johnson, 2016